New video of our process

Foolish Operations Ensemble: short excerpts of our process

January was an inspiring month for our group. We mostly worked on improvisation skills. Questions like how to access our full dancing bodies and how to keep dancing while parenting at the same time were often raised.

Here are 3 videos of our process. The first one is from November and the two last ones are from January.

The Vancouver Draw Down: Summer of 10,000 Drawings !

This summer, the Roundhouse is working with artists Elizabeth MacKenzie, Cindy Mochizuki and Kristina Fiedrich as a partner in the Vancouver Draw Down, a series of drawing events and workshops across Vancouver focused on engaging everyone in town in the power and pleasure of drawing. Events are taking place at The Roundhouse, Moberly Arts Centre, The Vancouver Art Gallery, UBC Museum of Anthropology and Community Centres all over the city for Kitsilano to Britannia.

Spread the word about this amazing drawing extravaganza especially our Twitter project: 23 Days of Drawing! Starting July 1, Elizabeth, Cindy and Kristina will be tweeting one 140 character drawing project a day !
Leading up to the Draw Down Finale on July 23

Visit for info about workshops and events
‘friend’ and ‘share’ on Facebook! Follow the Drawdown on Twitter and re –tweet to get Vancouver Drawing EVERY DAY
Vancouver Drawdown Finale: July 23rd at the Roundhouse; 11:30 am – 1:30; to cover the walls of the Roundhouse with
Collaborative Creature Drawings!

Utopia Festival: Women In Digital Culture and a Mobile Dance Party!

12:30 – 2:00 Mobile Dance Party

Public, free
. Meet at Broadway skytrain 12:30pm for a live pirate radio broadcast and dance party down The  Drive in celebration of the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.

For more info on this event and fabulous day of programming by W2 visit:

Foolish Operations

Choreographer Julie Lebel is based in Vancouver BC, Canada.
To contact or add yourself to the e-list, email foolishoperations at

Shallom/Indigo will be painting a mural! Go have a look!

Shallom was one of the great facilitators of the Community Happenings Flash Mob events. Have a look at what she and her colleagues will do!

On April 28th 2010, the city will be presented with a one-of-a-kind mural, located at 55-57 W. Hastings Street. It will be the collaborative work of four world-renowned aerosol artists – Faith47 from South Africa, Titi Freak from Sao Paulo, Peeta from Italy, and Indigo, a local artist and dancer based in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.  These four artists have been invited by the United Church of Canada to paint their interpretation of faith, as part of their ongoing Paint Your Faith campaign. See or for more information.

Killarney Flash Mob Video

Here it is! An editing of the workshop and event.

Killarney C. Ctr. Flash Mob… over 50 participants!

Some Flash Mob Participants from Sunset and Kitsilano came to Killarney to form a big group of dancers for the last City Happening event on March 21. Bravo to all coordinators for their outreach work! I am sorry to say that the documentation from the Kitsilano Flash Mob is not good enough for posting. However, Marie-Paule Berthiaume, our DJ, filmed the workshop and event at Killarney and I will soon post the result of my editing.

Organization of a Dance Flash Mob: Lessons Learned

-Get a local choreographer to set the dance. The simpler it is, the faster it will propagate. Friends will teach it to each other.
-Get people to learn it in community practices, in community centres or other places.
-Publish the video choreography on the web (youtube or other…)
-Partner with schools, community centres and organizations to get more participants.
-Location: how comfortable are your participants with the idea of dancing in public space without official permission? Consider partnerships with the city, community centres, parcs, public transit authorities or museums. How will you broadcast the music and pay the royalties (SOCAN fees in Canada).
-Think about the music! Where does it comes from? Is it representative of your local culture? Hire a local DJ to build a mix or to compose something.
-Ask your participants to be aware of what they wear. Big brands on t-shirts is free publicity for corporations. Flash Mobs are photographic events and it will be posted on the web!
-Make sure participants are aware that they might appear on the web! It is an extension of the public space.

New Flash Mob Workshop on March 6!

The next “Host a City Happening” Flash Mob event is on March 6!

We will learn and practice the choreography at Kitsilano Community Centre from 10 am to noon and then perform it twice during the afternoon.

  • Workshop: 10 am to noon
  • Performance: between 2 and 6 pm (2 times) 4 minutes in length

ALL AGES WELCOMED, (6yrs+ recommended) LOADS OF FUN!

Register at Kitsilano Community Centre: (FREE)   604-257 6976

– 2690 Larch Street, Vancouver. Map

Participants are encouraged to continue being part of the Flash Mob performed on the additional dates below. More information on this will be given at the workshop. Bring a water bottle, comfortable clothing and shoes. Leave your valuables at home.

Please forward to your contacts!

-Additional Dates: Sunday March 21 at Kilarney Community Centre (Workshop on March 14).


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